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Jet City FierosShareable link

πŸ‘₯ Fiero club / organization
Jet City Fieros
Jet City Fieros is the club for Puget Sound Fiero owners. Founded in 1992, the club meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the historic Triple X Rootbeer in Issaquah at 7:00 PM. Find out more about joining here.The mission of the club is to advocate for and help people enjoy the Pontiac Fiero; the original (welcome to the club after 36 years, C8) mass-produced, two-seat, American-made, mid-engine sports car.In addition to our monthly meetings, we have at least one weekend event almost every month of the year:Traditional β€œruns” (day trips) to places like Mt. St. Helens, Leavenworth, and the Go-Kart track at Pacific Raceways.Club outreach/giving: Every November club members collect, donate, and deliver food (Yes! In our Fieros) to a local food bank. We also make an annual donation to Adopt-A-Family for children’s holiday gifts that usually exceeds the amount we collect in dues.Extended/overnight trips: The annual Northwest Fiero Fest in Richland (1-2 nights), the β€œRod Run to the End of the World” on the Olympic coast, even the once every five year major anniversary gatherings in the Midwest.Car shows: You’ll find us at The All Pontiac Show and Shine, Fenders on Front Street, and other regional mixed and single-marque shows.

Fiero SourceShareable link

🌐 Online service / website / group
Fiero Source
We are a group of individuals working together to keep a tight niche car community together and on the road. We strive to offer solutions, information and parts to anyone in any situation. Someone starting out with a small budget reviving a dream car, to someone who has been around for 35 years that simply needs a hand finishing off a repair.

NIFE Fiero FocusShareable link

πŸ‘₯ Fiero club / organization
NIFE Fiero Focus
Established in 1991 and incorporated in the state of Illinois in 1994, the Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts have grown to about 350 members in 40 states, and 3 countries. We meet monthly either in activities or meetings to exchange information and ideas to preserve the excitement of the Pontiac Fiero. Club activities include car cruises, car shows, parades, regional and national Fiero events, picnics and fall color tours throughout Illinois and the Midwest.

FieroHub ShopShareable link

🌐 Online service / website / group
FieroHub Shop
In the FieroHub shop we offer designs that make it possible for Fiero owners to get products with a personal feel. You can create products with custom texts printed on a variety of products, T-shirt, stickers and accessories. We have designs for all Fiero models and colors.

Fiero Club SwedenShareable link

πŸ‘₯ Fiero club / organization
Fiero Club Sweden
Bilklubben fΓΆr Pontiac Fiero i Sverige.Klubbens syfte Γ€r att fΓΆra samman FieroΓ€gare och att frΓ€mja intresset fΓΆr Fiero i Sverige. VΓ₯ra medlemmar finns runt hela Sverige och vi vΓ€lkomnar alla som har ett intresse fΓΆr Fiero.

Fiero GT Metal Wall ArtShareable link

🌐 Online service / website / group
Fiero GT Metal Wall Art
Metal arts are laser cut from 2mm thickness steel, hand polished and powder coated with matte black finish.

Fiero Fiber PartsShareable link

πŸ”© Parts / repair / refurbishment
Fiero Fiber Parts
Side scoops and other fiberglass Fiero parts.

Kansas City Fiero Owners GroupShareable link

πŸ‘₯ Fiero club / organization
Kansas City Fiero Owners Group
We are a local club that meets 1 to 2 times a month and plans cruises and driving trips throughout the year. We are based in the Kansas City area.

Schwa MotorSportsShareable link

🚘 Car service / workshop
Schwa MotorSports
I run a small shop outside of Kansas City where I specialize in engine swaps, wiring, and tuning. I started with Fieros, but do swaps of any motors into anything.

Puerto Rico Fiero OwnersShareable link

πŸ‘₯ Fiero club / organization
Puerto Rico Fiero Owners
Fiero Club in Puerto Rico since 1995, for many years we have share to all fiero owners a service, used parts, tech data and more to all fiero friend in PR and other countries. we have experts in different areas of our cars and with the greatest interest that our cars are in optimal conditions and to the taste of each owner.

Calgary Fieros Owners GroupShareable link

πŸ‘₯ Fiero club / organization
Calgary Fieros Owners Group
All Fiero owners are invited to take part in CFOG regardless of the condition of your car.

Fiero Jon'sShareable link

🚘 Car service / workshop
Fiero Jon's
A full service Fiero repair facility. We sell N.O.S. GM Fiero parts and used Fiero parts as well as quality collectible Fieros.

FieroFunShareable link

🌐 Online service / website / group
The purpose of this site is to inform Pontiac Fiero toy collectors of the Fiero toys made by various manufacturers over the years.

Midwest Fiero Clubs Region of the AACAShareable link

πŸ‘₯ Fiero club / organization
Midwest Fiero Clubs Region of the AACA
The Midwest Fiero Clubs is a dedicated group of enthusiasts whose passion is to promote and preserve the Pontiac Fiero and the Fiero Community.

Mid Atlantic Fiero Owner’s AssociationShareable link

πŸ‘₯ Fiero club / organization
Mid Atlantic Fiero Owner’s Association
One of the oldest and largest Fiero clubs on the East Coast dedicated to the preservation of the Pontiac Fiero.

West Virginia Fiero Club Shareable link

πŸ‘₯ Fiero club / organization
West Virginia Fiero Club
Do you love Fieros, are you in or near West Virginia? If so this is the group for you!Meet fellow Fiero owners in West Virginia, & bring your cars together to car shows.(Work in progress group)

FIERO TOWN, USAShareable link

🌐 Online service / website / group
Facebook Online Fiero Community… sharing knowledge, parts, resources, and experiences.

Fiero - Facebook groupShareable link

🌐 Online service / website / group
Fiero - Facebook group
Probably the largest Fiero group on Facebook.This group is for anyone who has owned a Pontiac Fiero and loved every minute of it (except when it was broken).

Minnesota Fieros Forever Car ClubShareable link

πŸ‘₯ Fiero club / organization
Minnesota Fieros Forever Car Club
Our goal as an automobile club is:To further the general interest in Fieros as a sports car.To provide an organization for the exchange of technical information between Fiero owners, dealers, and the manufacturer.To encourage skillful handling and safe driving.To provide social gatherings and events for those with common interests.To encourage and assist members to compete in recognized events sponsored by sports car clubs.And to work at all times in the interest of all recognized sports car clubs

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