FieroHub - Frequently asked questions

Who is behind FieroHub?

FieroHub is created by Mikael Snällfot, who is a Fiero enthusiast and the president of Fiero Club Sweden, in collaboration with people from the Fiero community.

Why should I register my car in FieroHub?

Because every Fiero is important for preserving information and statistics about our unique cars.

Being in the registry also gives your Fiero a more documented history and increases its prominence.

Why do I have to log in to register a Fiero?

We use login to verify that you are a human and to prevent spam registrations. Login also makes it possible for you to update your data and to add comments and other information in FieroHub.

Why do I have to register a Fiero to unlock some features?

FieroHub is a car registry, where some features are intended for Fiero owners, so it makes sense that users register their Fiero to access those.

Can I register a Fiero that I am not the owner of?

Yes. Anyone can register any Fiero. Just select "No" for the option "Owned by me". You will be able to update cars that you don't own, but they will not show your personal details.

Why is the VIN number required when registering a Fiero?

We need a way to identify a car over its full lifetime, to avoid ending up with duplicates of cars in the future. VIN number is the only solution to this problem that we have come up with.

Is it dangerous to hand out the VIN number?

The VIN number is available, in plain sight, in the windshield of every Fiero.

Will my VIN number be visible to other users on FieroHub?

No. It is shown only if you put your Fiero up for sale.

Can the same VIN be registered by multiple users?

Yes. This will likely happen over the lifetime of some cars. Like when they move to another owner without being unregistered by the previous owner. This is when VIN would help us find these duplicates.

Is my data safe with FieroHub?

Data protection is important to us. We use a security-first approach when developing FieroHub and we do not expose any private data through our API:s.

What if I don't want my personal information to be shown?

Then you should uncheck the checkbox saying "My contact information can be shown to other users". You can also choose to not specify your address under "Location".

I am logged in, but I can not see my registered Fiero?

If this happens you have probably logged in with another account than last time. FieroHub supports login with either FieroHub or Facebook account, and they are not linked together.

What should I do when I sell my Fiero?

Edit your Fiero and select "No" for the option "Owned by me". The new owner can always register the car again in FieroHub.

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