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FieroHub - The Pontiac Fiero registry

FieroHub is a service where you register a Fiero in The Pontiac Fiero registry. We have been online since late 2021.

FieroHub - The Pontiac Fiero registry

Our purpose is to build and preserve a car registry and to present the data in fun and useful ways.

Why should I register my car in FieroHub?

Because every Fiero is important for preserving information and statistics about our unique cars, and a Fiero in the registry will have a more documented history and prominence.

Registering a car also gives you access to more features in FieroHub.

Where can I use FieroHub?

FieroHub can be accessed at FieroHub.com on most modern devices and computers. It can also be installed as an app from the browser or from Google Play.

Who is behind FieroHub?

FieroHub is created by Mikael Snällfot, who is a Fiero enthusiast and the president of Fiero Club Sweden, in collaboration with people from the Fiero community.

What if I have other questions?

Read our Frequently asked questions first, and contact us if there is something else you want to know.

Talk about FieroHub

There is a thread about FieroHub on Pennock's Fiero Forum.

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